Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rough couple of weeks!

WOW!!! I have to admit, I got married for a reason!!!! I like being around Kade and I WANT to be around him. Not that anyone should be shocked by that, I was just saying it yet again! I went to see Kade over the weekend. We hadn't seen each other since my last posting. That was the longest span of time that Kade and I have been apart since we started dating 6 1/2 years ago. Tell you what! My brain turned to mush, and I could hardly remember the things I needed to do everyday. This is NOT my favorite experience with Kade, that's for sure!!!! There is good news though! It was an AWESOME weekend!! Kade is having a hard time without me too, and he wanted to spend every moment with me. Of course that wasn't possible with work, and needing to go potty and what not, but he sure did try to spend every moment with me! I felt pretty special, I admit it!
My sister and her husband came up that weekend too. It was pretty fun hanging out with them! We went to the Pharaoh's exhibit at the Idaho Falls Museum while Kade was working. It was pretty amazing that some of that stuff was centuries old!! Lydia and I got pretty tired though while walking through. Not that it wasn't exciting, it's just the lights had to be low, and we were reading small print. Kyle had no problem though, he grew up going to museums. So Lydia and I found the kids area and ran around there for a bit. Talk about a recharge!! It was a pretty cool exhibit though. I plan on going again with Kade when he's not working.
It was a pretty easy weekend for us. Kade and I went to lunch, then saw Ghost Town. I totally recommend it, it's pretty funny! All in all, pretty relaxing.
Now we're back to the daily grind.... not my favorite pastime! I'm still plugging away at work and the condo, and Kade is working and finishing school.
Anyway, I hope to get better at this blogging thing, and start posting more often. The biggest thing I want to do is get every one's blogs off to the side of mine that I want to follow. Still trying to figure that out. :S Any hints??? ;) Well, I have to get back to it, so until next time!


Greg and Shellie Lomenick said...

I really can picture you and your sister running around the kids area. So typical of you!

Travis & Adrienne said...

I'm happy to hear you and Kade like to be around one another...pretty important when married! ;)

I can show you how to add blogs, if you'd's pretty easy (I can only say that because I figured it out after messing around with it for a while!)

Welcome back - and in a loving way - I hope you're able to leave sooner than later for another visit.

Nic & Ashley Haws said...

Hi Megan! I am officially "Tagging" you! Read my blog entry titled "I've been Tagged" and it will tell you what to do (especially the "picture"). Hope you and Kade are doing well!