Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another couple of weeks

We've made it another couple of weeks! Whew! It has been a pretty productive couple of weeks too. My family came over last weekend and really helped me de-junk my house, get it clean, and painted my fabulous accent wall. It's really starting to look nice! Kade came down this weekend and got to see all the hard work we've been doing. It was really nice to be able to show him what has been going on, and be able to share it with him, even if it was for a short time. It's still his home, even though he's not able to be there much. He really liked the things we've done. We used to have polished brass everywhere, but we replaced it with a cast iron look. We bought a new chandelier for the dining room, ceiling fans for the front room and bedroom, and under the cabinet lights for the kitchen. So far we have painted the ceiling in the living room and kitchen and the accent wall. I also painted two patches on another wall to see what the lighter tone will be for the rest of the house. I'm still trying to decide that. Overall it's been a pretty good couple of weeks for me. Beyond stressful, but good!
Kade is doing pretty good too. We just got what I hope will be his last student loan, so as soon as that clears the bank he will be free to finish school and start working full time! Other than school and work, Kade stays busy with my grandparents. My grandpa has now taken him crawdad fishing a couple of times. They actually almost caught one! Kade said that his shadow crossed over the crawdad and it ran away. Kade is also beginning to experience what the other instructors call "stupid students". He has had a couple of students that have caused him to be a little scared for his life, and one that caused him to be scared for his job! There is a lot that goes in to flying a helicopter. You are using both hands and feet at all times, and you have to make sure that your focus is on your flight and nothing else. Well, in these particular cases the students made what seem like small errors, that turned into what could have been big problems! Thankfully Kade has been quick enough to keep these from becoming big problems.
So life has been pretty good so far! Kade and I are very blessed to both have jobs, to have families and friends that are so willing to help and support us, and most importantly, to have each other! We really are learning a lot about ourselves and about our relationship, and we only have more to learn!
Oh! Before I say good bye, I want to make a cool announcement. My dad is now an Ed.D!!! Thats like a Ph.D, but in his particular field. All he has to do now is go back out to Iowa in December and officially graduate. It's pretty exciting!!
Anyway, as always, thanks for reading!


Greg and Shellie Lomenick said...

That's really great news about your dad.

How do you use your feet to fly a helicopter? I need some helicopter 101 or one of those books "How to fly helicopters for dummies"

Ramona said...

Megan, you're the best - you're dad will be down right chuffed you mentioned him in your blog. You and Kade are doing the things the rest of us wish we could do. Enjoy the journey...
Love, Ramona

Deedra said...

You need to post pictures of your home improvement projects! I'm complete fan of HGTV and I'd love to see your work! Email me so I can get your email address and I'll add you to my blog - See ya!