Sunday, May 30, 2010


I have so much to say, I don't know where to begin. As Fraulein Maria would say (sing) "Let's start at the very beginning. A very good place to start."
Kade and I are doing pretty well! In April we had our 5 year anniversary, and to celebrate, we went to see Brian Regan at Tuachan (St. George) and spent the rest of the weekend in Las Vegas. Kade has about 970 hours out of the 1000 needed before he can start putting out his application. SO CLOSE!!! I have been moved up to the Murray office to be the HR rep for all HR needs there. It's pretty exciting most of the time, while sometimes I think to myself "Did you really just do that?!?", and the other times I'm thinking "what the crap did I get myself into???" Life has been pretty good!
I titled this entry "Speechless" because I have found myself to be so when it comes to blogging. I'm asked a lot if I'm ever going to update our blog, but I find myself struggling to do so for a few reasons. I read a lot of people's blogs and for the most part enjoy reading what they are up to, and what they are thinking and feeling. I have not been of the mindset that this is something I can share all that on. I have been of the mindset that this is more for updating readers on what Kade and I are doing with our lives. Since our lives have been primarily plugging along, there's not too much to say that most people don't know. We go to work, come home, go to bed and get up and start all over. That has a negative connotation to it, but I don't mean it that way. That's just basically what we do. We have had some adventures in there, but I'm usually too busy having the adventure to worry about blogging about it. I was actually talking to someone about this very thing, and she agreed with me, that there really isn't much to talk about, unless you have kids! She has two adorable little girls and is constantly updating with funny things. I however do not have kids, and it would be weird if I posted pictures of Kade in the tub... ;) But I think the biggest reason I haven't been one to share what's on my mind is for fear of offending people. I don't think I am an offensive person, or I try not to be anyway, but somehow I manage to offend. Honestly though, I think if you hang out with anyone long enough, they will find a way of being offensive to you, or to someone around you. It's part of being human. The whole point of sharing this is that I have recently been given a new perspective. It's information I've known for years, but I've had an experience that just really drove it home for me. I'm not responsible for ANYONE'S feelings but my own. We cannot control they way others perceive us, our words or our actions. All we can do is our best and keep going from there. If others choose to be offended, that is their choice, and they have that right. My dad likes to say that they best way to get revenge is to live a good life. As harsh as that sounds, I know what he's saying. Basically it doesn't do me any good to fret about it, so go on and live my life. So that's what I'm working on. Doing and saying things (or not doing and saying things) because I want to do or say them, or because it's the right thing to do or say. If you found this offensive, TOO BAD!!! :D
On a totally different subject, tomorrow is Memorial Day. My heart is full of gratitude to those selfless men and women that risk everything to protect our freedom and way of life. There are no words that can properly thank you for all you do. You are all true hero's in my eyes and will always be a shining example of selfless sacrifice. Thank you. God Bless You.