Sunday, September 14, 2008

Megan gets to fly!!

How awesome is this?! Kade took me up in a helicopter yesterday!! It was probably one of the best experiences Kade and I have had together. Up there with the wedding day, and the sealing day. I can tell you from first hand experience that Kade is an AWESOME pilot!! It seems as though flying is becoming second nature to him. We took off at Idaho Falls, flew to Rigby, then to Rexburg, over the Rexburg Temple, did a full pattern at the Rexburg airport, then came back to Idaho Falls. We also flew close to the Idaho Falls Temple, and almost right over my grandparents house. There is a place just off the freeway called Bear World, and we flew over that and took pictures of the bears. I think that's probably about as close to bears as Kade will ever willingly get! Shortly after we took off on our flight Kade asked me if I was ready to become a helicopter pilot. I told him probably not because there is way too much math involved. That, and I don't know that I could ever learn how to fly in instrument conditions! They learn with something called "foggles" that basically blocks all your vision except your instrument panel. With how easily I get motion sick, I would probably vomit! I was having a hard time trying to look through the digital camera...there is no way I could handle the foggles! Another instructor told us after our flight that one of his students actually had a hard time the other day, and actually DID vomit. Only that poor kid lost it in his shirt in order to avoid messing up the helicopter. GROSS!!!! Needless to say, that's not necessarily a situation I want to put myself in. I think it would be fun to get my private license though! That doesn't involve foggles, so I'm pretty sure I could manage that part. Anyway, I've got pictures of the whole thing, and as soon as I figure out how to put up a slideshow, I'll put them all on. Until then you only get the one pic that's included with this posting. Sorry for the wait, but I'm still working on learning how to do this when I have the time.

Anyway, as far as Kade taking other people up in the helicopter, we were thinking that it would be a better idea if we waited until he can take people in the R44 (the bigger one) because it's a little cheaper for everyone. There is a bigger discount as an instructor, and the cost can be split among 3 passengers instead of just 1. That means that we will have to wait a little longer until Kade has access to the R44. If you are really wanting to go though, and are willing to pay the R22 rates, let us know and we can work it out. It would also be most beneficial for you to wait until Kade is able to return to Utah, so that you don't have to pay for the travel expenses of coming to Idaho ie: gas, hotel, food, etc.

That was our adventure for this weekend. It was a pretty cool one if I do say so myself! It's so exciting to be able to watch Kade fulfill his dreams! Thank you to everyone that has supported us, prayed for us, and loved us! We love you, and hope that you are enjoying this as much as we are!


Greg and Shellie Lomenick said...

Oh that poor kid. I'm so glad I wasn't his instructor that day. Anyway, how fun for you guys. I'm glad that you both made it back down to ground safely. Continue to enjoy your time together. Let's see some pics of those bears.

Nic & Ashley Haws said...

Wow! How awesome is that! I think the two of you look great in that helicopter! Keep up the good work! Kade... we miss you!

Travis & Adrienne said...

Heck yeah!!!! That's sooo cool. I know Kade has worked really hard for this and it's awesome you can share in his excitement and success. I'm so happy you got to go for a ride with the good lookin' pilot.

Keep the posts a comin'.

We love you and miss you Kade! you to Megan!!

April and James Oneal said...

I'm loving the sunglasses I totally have the same ones and James has ones just like Kade! We are so happy to see both of you guys doing something you love and following your dreams!

Ryan and Danielle said...

That's awesome you guys! Helicopter School is finally paying off right?! We will have to come and visit in Idaho and go to the sand dunes. Good luck with all the new challenges it will pay off!