Sunday, September 7, 2008

We made it!

Today is exactly one week from the last posting, and let me tell you what a week it has been!!!! I had to leave Kade on Monday afternoon in order to get home and get ready for the week. Fortunately I've had plenty to do this week. I learned how to make jam, cleaned my bedroom, went to a retreat with my Relief Society, and fought with a car that decided it didn't need to start. Kade has been busy as well, though not as busy as I think he would like to be. He has been covering for a couple of instructors this week, and has continued to work on his CFII. Even though we were both very busy, I was dreading the weekend because we weren't going to be able to see each other until the following weekend. This has been the longest time Kade and I have been seperated in the 6 1/2 YEARS we've been together. Amazing, right?! Even in the 3 years that we dated we weren't seperated this long, so I was not looking forward to this weekend. After a long Saturday of registering our jeep, lunching with my parents, and shopping with the in-laws I went home to shower and clean the house. Kade called about 9pm to chit chat while I was getting ready, and told me that he was on his way to Utah!!! He doesn't have to work on Monday, so he decided to leave Idaho to come home and visit for a short weekend!! Talk about a FANTASTIC surprise! Needless to say, this has been an EXCELLENT Sunday. Kade has really been missing his "little boy" Kota (as well as his fabulous wife of course) and has been able to play with him. I'm pretty excited about that too because that means I don't have to do it quite as much. :) Kade will be heading back to Idaho sometime tomorrow in order to get back to work on Tuesday. I think this will be bitter sweet for him because as much as I know he doesn't want to leave his family, I know that he's excited to get back to his new and exciting career. As for me, I will be working Mon-Thurs next week, 10 hours a day in order to have Friday off so that I can head up to visit him for the weekend.

It has been a hard week for us to say the least, but we are so blessed to have this opportunity, and we are loved and supported by our families and friends, so we are very excited about this adventure.

As for the other things in life, I should be getting a hold of some of the books I need in order to become certified in Human Resources, so that is moving forward. It was actually recommended to me that I study for this test for about 6 months before I actually take it because it's a "beast of a test." So we'll see how that goes. I've also decided that while I'm still here at this condo I'm going to start writing about the times Kade and I have had here. There are some fun memories that I want to make sure we take with us!

Thanks again for reading, and for encouraging me to continue with this blogging thing. Hopefully I'll be able to get it all down and it will be second nature to me. I hope you enjoyed!


Greg and Shellie Lomenick said...

I totally understand how Kade showing up was the best surprise ever. I'm glad he was able to make it home for the weekend. Enjoy this next weekend with eachother.

Commuter said...

So... are people down there getting tired of taking care of your pets? I think Kyle and I would love to take them some weekend. I could even meet you in Brigham City.

I'm glad things are going so well. Does Kade even fit in that little helicopter?

Lydia said...

That last comment was me, if you couldn't guess. I'm really new to this blog thing.