Sunday, November 1, 2009

We're not dead!

Sorry for the long delay. It has been an interesting summer, full of highs and lows and different kinds of adventures. I'll do a quick run through, and then elaborate.
Kade moved home and has taken over as the Director of Operations in the West Jordan location. It's still a hard move because they aren't as busy in this location as they were when he was in Idaho, so it's taking longer to get his 1000 hours. It is, however, REALLY nice being a married couple again.
Shortly after he moved home we received an offer on our condo that was actually more than we were selling for! We sold and actually made money on it!! So we have been condo-less since mid May, and have been really fortunate to be staying with my parents while paying down other debt.
Kade began mountain biking with his brothers this summer. They have had some pretty fun adventures, but unfortunately we don't have many pictures. I actually only have one of Kade, but that will come later when I elaborate. We also decided to get a bike for me this summer so I could attempt to keep up. We have pictures to show how that didn't work out so well for me. Never-the-less I have continued to try, and will keep trying for some bizarre reason called love.... :)
Over the 4th of July weekend we went to the Salmon River. As always, we had a FANTASTIC time! We had some extra people there that only added to the fun, and in some cases, created more of an adventure than planned.
In August we were fortunate enough to go to Akumal, Mexico with Adrienne, Travis and some of Travis' family. What an amazing and much needed vacation! Thank you Adrienne and Travis for putting that together for all of us!!! We have a TON of pictures, so the hard part of telling that story is going to be picking out which ones to post.
On August 29th my baby sister gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl! This is the only picture I'm posting this go round because she's so cute!! That, and it's easier to just post the one pic and keep this post shorter.

Welcome Sadie Renee Ostler! This is an old picture, but it's a good one!!
After vacation and Sadie's birth, things got stressful for us! Kade has had ups and downs at work thinking he's going to get more students, then finding out they aren't able to get all the funding required. He is, luckily, busy enough that he is getting hours and moving toward that all important 1000. My company had an accident that almost cost us our jobs, but instead required us to work insanely long hours. Given the situation, I was happy to work those hours! I also started a PHR (Professional of Human Resources) class so I've been pretty busy with that.
With all the insanity we have had this fall, we have also been able to take some time to enjoy this BEAUTIFUL fall weather! I have been amazed at what a great season autumn has been this year. I try to make sure that Kade and I take a drive through the mountains in the fall to see the leaves, and to just get out of the city for a few hours. We were able to get about half way then had to turn around, but I have some pretty pictures from that.
Well, there is the quick run through. Surprisingly it took me longer to get that all put together than I thought, so I'm going to have to elaborate at another time. I hope this gave you an idea of the few adventures we've had this summer. I have to admit, I'm not quite ready for the holidays to be just around the corner!


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So-o-o-o-o-o-o-o glad you're back!

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I will reward your post with a comment! Here it is!